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Friday, April 29, 2005

My Special Girl

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I realize that many of you have read occasional mention of my special-needs daughter in my various commentaries and perhaps wondered about the nature of her condition. I'd like to take a moment to share that with you (BTW, Strider is not only her Uncle, he is also her Godfather).

My special girl will be 4 in September. She's always been a sweet, smiling, and overall happy girl. She is my second child (her completely "typical" and equally sweet sister will be 7 in June). As such, I recognized relatively early on that my baby girl's progress seemed a bit delayed. Specifically she wasn't learning to sit up (instead she'd slouch/tip over when propped up, even in a boppy), she wasn't creeping or crawling, and even holding her bottle was a struggle compared to the abilities of the other kids in her day care class (I worked full-time back then).

We thought maybe she's just a late bloomer, but we feared that wasn't the case. Our fears mounted when we learned at her 12-month check up that her head hadn't grown at all since her 9-month check up. Since our brains undergo the most growth and development in our first year of life, this was very alarming news.

We took her to a pediatric neurologist where she failed multiple "self help" tests (e.g. when falling, one instinctively knows to outstretch one's arms/hands to block a fall, but our baby girl did not). From there she underwent a brain MRI. We learned from the head of Pediatric Neurology & Metabolic Disorders at Columbia University in NYC that her Cerebellum (the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination) was under-developed. Her's had a nucleus, but the surrounding area that should have been brain matter was actually fluid. He diagnosed it "Cerebellar Hypoplasia" (with accompanying low muscle tone). Through his diagnosis and the insight and test results from a myriad of other specialists we learned that this was not a metabolic disorder, rather just an anomaly. This was simply just the way she was born.

It was explained to us that she had a diminished body awareness coupled with a diminished speed in which messages from the cerebellum traveled to the various parts of her body. We learned that new messages could be remapped from her brain, and repetition of activities would help further imprint the message which would become more and more expedited until ultimately becoming a learned, instinctive function.

She was, thankfully, given a FULL prognosis with a caveat - as long as she showed continued signs of progress and as long as follow up MRIs didn't reveal any digression, she would have the ability to learn to fully function (though they said she may not be a top-level athlete, but that's ok because not many of us are either!).

She began therapy (physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive) at 13-months old. Happily after a few weeks of cognitive therapy, we learned she was a bright girl and didn't require that particular assistance. She received her therapies through the (federally funded) Early Intervention (EI) program. When she turned 3 she was no longer eligible for this program. Following an unnecessarily long, drawn out process, riddled with red tape, she transitioned into the special needs pre-school program at the elementary school, where she rides the handicap bus back and forth each day. Seperately, she continues to participate in private physical therapy once a week.

To date, her MRIs have not shown any digression, and she has made amazing progress. Though her speech is still delayed, she speaks now (quite adorably I might add), eats and drinks independently, sits up tall and steady, crawls independently, pulls to stand, cruises a bit, and is just now learning to ride an adapted tricycle and walk when strapped into a pediatric gait trainer (walker).

She is my special girl, and I'm so proud of her. I'll continue to post with periodic updates for those interested in following her continued progress.

Proof That President Bush is Failing

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TGIF Everyone!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I am off to the Coachella Fest in Indio CA

SAR is in charrge while i am gone.

i will be busy watching...

The Chemical Brothers
Nine Inch Nails
New Order
Bright Eyes
Gang of Four
The Prodigy
Black Star
Bloc Party
The Secret Machines
Snow Patrol
The Bravery
Rilo Kiley
Cafe Tacuba
Sage Francis
The Raveonettes
Mercury Rev
Hernan Cattaneo
Zap Mama
Dj Peretz
Jamie Cullum
Ambulance LTD
Four Tet
MF Doom
Josh Wink
Amp Fiddler
The Kills
UNKLE - James Lavelle
Boom Bip
Dj Marky
Immortal Technique
Jean Gram
Katie Melua
Radio 4
Buck 65
Nic Armstrong And The Thieves
The Sexy Magazines
The Faint
Roni Size with Dynamite MC
Armin Van Buuren
The Arcade Fire
Roots Manuva
Dj Krush
Junkie XL
British Sea Power
The Dresden Dolls
Miss Kittin
The Fiery Furnaces
Ben Watt
Aesop Rock
The Perceptionists
Donavon Frankenreiter
Tegan and Sara
Matthew Dear
Shout Out Louds
The Futureheads
The Blood Brothers
Wolf Eyes
The Locust
Gram Rabbit
Zion l

see you real soon.


The Gall

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I wasn't aware that social security and energy are the 2 most important and vital issues facing our country right now. You see, they must be because President Bush, who has given the fewest number of press conferences of any President in recent years, has scheduled a Prime Time News Conference for this evening to discuss these topics. Gee, I would have thought a rare Prime Time address to our nation would be the perfect forum for Bush to acknowledge the fact that no WMDs were found in Iraq and possibly offer an explanation to the country he duped and an apology to the parents and family members of those who lost their lives to that end.

I really hope the majority of Americans will also feel as betrayed as I do when they see that Bush has the gall to use this forum as a giant soap box instead of a confessional.

And don't anybody mess with my Prime Time viewing!
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I thought I'd also add here the following comment that I left on MoxieGrrrl in response to the news that the House voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to reverse Republican-written rules that led Democrats to shut down the ethics committee. Republicans backed the resolution grudgingly. The Republicans, accused of writing the rules to protect Majority Leader Tom DeLay from investigations, heeded Speaker Dennis Hastert's call for a retreat in order to end the deadlock on the evenly divided panel. The vote was 406-20.

Our country will never better itself when we as a nation continue to foster blind, up & down the aisle partisanship, following the direction of our government's leadership..."You're either with us, or you're against us.".

It's essential for our nation to prioritize moving beyond that proverbial line in the sand. Sure it's easy and often instinctive to follow the majority and line yourself up with the popular bully on the playground because he and his crew have the power to manipulate people by using fear and imposing tactics to achieve his agenda. But, it's truly a show of strength and character to recognize that popularity isn't everything and that powerful bullies don't necessarily have their blind followers' best interests in mind.

As the blind majority slowly open their eyes and start to see the reality that surrounds them, the volume of the majority will fluctuate until those who can only follow blindly will find themselves suddenly in the minority.

That said, I'd like to think that a few eyes were opened with today's telling vote.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


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Lost? Perhaps not after tonight!

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[Update: See comments for my reaction to this special. - Sar]

I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing that I had started watching LOST from day 1. But since I didn't, I figured there's no way I could dive in mid-season and know what's going on. Well, we all have a second chance! ABC is running a special episode of LOST tonight which is supposed to bring non-viewers (like me & hubby) up to speed as well as providing some interesting viewing for their existing avid audience.

Special: Lost: The Journey Airdate: April 27, 2005
ABC invites new and avid "Lost" viewers to take a fresh look at one of this season's most talked about shows. "Lost: The Journey" promises to explore the series in a way that will bring new viewers up to date -- but which current viewers will also find illuminating. From the back stories of some of the most interesting characters on television to the mysteries of the island, "Lost: The Journey" will provide an insightful glimpse at the lives of some of the survivors of the doomed Oceanic Airlines flight 815. Narrated in a linear fashion and culminating from the pieces of the back stories told over multiple episodes in the series, "Lost: The Journey" focuses on the flashbacks of a core of characters, illustrating who they were and what they were doing before the crash. In addition, the island itself will be explored - culled from events that have taken place - which may reveal some of its secrets.

That's So Crazy It Just Might Work

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My girls were watching Sesame Street this morning before school, and a musical segment caught my attention (I found this related article about the segment). The monsters were bickering about which one of them should be able to individually sing the alphabet. Enter UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to remind the monsters that they can all sing it "together". And Telly Monster followed with the all-familiar Sesame Street catch phrase "Work Together, That's So Crazy It Just Might Work".

Hmmm, maybe they're on to something there, no?

We Got Your Back Maggie Gyllenhaal

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So Maggie Gyllenhaal is taking heat for actually being critical of our foreign policy and suggesting we take a look in the mirror and see why we were attacked on 9/11. Maggie has issued an official statement in regards to her comments :

" 9/11 was a terrible tragedy and of course it goes without saying that I grieve along with every American for everyone who suffered and everyone who died in the catastrophe. But for those of us who were spared, it was also an occasion to be brave enough to ask some serious questions about America's role in the world. Because it is always useful, as individuals or nations to ask how we may have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to this conflict. Not to have the courage to ask these questions of ourselves is to betray the victims of 9/11."
So her web site was berated by a swarm of people. This is the kind of posts that ended up on her site:

"I'm one of myriad millions who disagrees with her, Angie. But the only reason I'm
posting here is because the range of my sniper rifle won't reach Hollywood or New York City." - James

So this is the discourse? Say something critical or different...have your life threatened.

So I am sending a simple message to "James" and others like him who post things like this and don't even have the balls to leave their home page or e-mail address on their post:

Dear James,
- Strider

Hope you find your way here 'James' (if that is even your real name) and claim your personalized post.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


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ok...So here we go.

when all this B.S. about going into Iraq first reared it ugly head all I asked was that they let the inspectors finish their jobs.

bush and co. Brushed my (and others) concerns aside.

when they went to the UN, the UN asked to let the inspectors finish their job.

they essentially told them to F off...We don't need them. (especially France)

then the rest of the world was against going into Iraq (accept England and Poland)

bush pulled his best John Wayne and chose to go it alone...

now we KNOW they were wrong.

first off...The inspectors have now finished their inspections and guess what they said...

"As matters now stand, the WMD investigation has gone as far as feasible," Duelfer wrote in an an addendum to the report he issued last fall. "After more than 18 months, the WMD investigation and debriefing of the WMD-related detainees has been exhausted."

in other words...We found nothing!

oh and if you were wondering if the WMD's were sent to another country...Like for instance Syria...They had something to say about that also...

"Based on evidence available ... It is unlikely that an official transfer of WMD material from Iraq to Syria took place."

so where does that leave us?

strider was right once again.

so what does that mean? It means that people are starting to understand that they were duped by this administration...

Gallup: 50% of Americans Now Say Bush Deliberately Misled Them on WMDs

between this, Delay, Schiavo, social security, and gannon this has been a banner year for republicans don't you think?

hopefully the 'general public' will start to see how bush and co. Is really doing.

then again maybe I am expecting too much from the 'general public.'

"The government has to acknowledge the needs of young Americans"

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Read what all the fuss is about here.


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photos & tags courtesy of - thanks, Trent!

Monica Moment?

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It's So Much Clearer to Me Now

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tom delay actually has the balls to claim he didnt know this trip was funded by a lobbyest.

how stupid are we supposed to be?

this asshole just keeps plugging along taking NO acountability (much like others we may know) and plays us to be stupid.

somehow we are supposed to believe that he is squeeky clean.

you know what...he should be taken down hard and made an example of and maybe...just maybe some of our representitives will think twice next time. (they probibly wont...but het we can hope)

Monday, April 25, 2005


Go here to check out bloc party videos and music.

best new band i have heard in a long long time.

please check them out. here is a sample of some lyrics.



North to south
Running on
As if to say, as if to say
He doesn't like chocolate
He's born a liar, he'll die a liar
Some things will never be different

Stop being so American
There's a time and there's a place
So James Dean
So blue jeans
Gonna save the world
He's gonna

Are you hoping for a miracle?

Three out of five, three out of five (it's not enough)
Six out of ten
Better luck next time
Just like his Dad, just like his Dad (the same mistakes)
Some things will never be different
Hungry and dumb, hungry and dumb (so wait in line)
Queuing up for some more junk food
It's not my fault, it's not my fault (just this once)
They're getting so much younger

Why can't you be more European
Bastard child of guilt and shame
Bury your head in the sand
I'm thinking six, six, six
I'm thinking six

Are you hoping for a miracle?
It's not enough.

[Words: Kele & Gordon]

PS. before anyone makes fun of my is spelled 'bloc party'.

Pras of Fugees Samples U2

yes...I guess it was gonna happen one day. one of U2s songs is being sampled.

here is what Pras told rolling stone:

"I got Bono's cell number, and I called and asked him. He said, 'Really, my biggest record of all time?' I sent him the idea, he played it for the rest of the band, and they loved it. Bono called me back and said, 'Listen, I've never cleared a record foranyone, but I'm a fan of the Fugees and a fan of you. If this record can help you, go ahead and take it.'"

you can go here to hear the song if you like. let me know what you think...keeping in mind that I am a HUGE U2 fan.

also in U2 news. I have just noticed how much U2 opening acts kick ass on this tour. I knew that kings of Leon were opener in NJ but jeez they have some great openers on this tour. the killers, snow patrol, franz ferdinand and keane. U2 sure knows how to pick opening bands.

( is your chance to pick on U2. go for it.)


See the auditions for an American Superhero here.

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Check out all auditions for shows from BSTV here.
(that stands for Best Shows on T.V)

Great shows are coming soon like Billionaire Bride, The Box, Super Duper Size Me, First time and Bush's Favorite...Come Fry With Me. (I even heard he auditioned for the show.)

thanks to Stereogum for the link.


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Opiate for the masses since the 1950's. Thereby rendering them unfit both physically and mentally for any form of revolution. Rolling over on the sofa does not count as a revolution.

Don't forget - "24" is on tonight, and President Palmer's back!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


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In case you can't does say BUSH on the back of his shirt.


"The relentless influx of emails, cellphone calls and instant messages received by modern workers can reduce their IQ by more than smoking marijuana, suggests UK research. Far from boosting productivity, the constant flow of messages and information can seriously reduce a person's ability to focus on tasks, the study of office workers found."

For more read this.

It's interesting that technology is actually making us more dumber than we already were.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


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Thanks again for coming here to check out our eclectic combination of visuals & sounding boards.

Won't you please sign our guestbook while your here - thanks! :)

Still No Top-Level Accountability

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The US army inspector general's report finds no evidence of wrongdoing by Gen Sanchez and three of his top aides. For anyone who doesn't find this outrageous and needs a hard smack upside the head, educate yourself and let Wikipedia enlighten you (warning - extremely graphic photos included in link) with a reminder of the atrocities that occurred at Abu Ghraib. Then read on about the findings from the Army's Fay report and the independent Schlesinger panel's findings as previously reported in the New York Times that implicate Gen. Sanchez as a direct source of the horrific torture.

Yes, 5 soldiers have already been convicted and 3 more await trial, rightfully so, but where the fuck is the accountability at the top? This is becoming a tired theme in our nation. Especially when Bush, who continues to lead the pack in top-level non-accountability, handled this by promoting Sanchez and insisting Rumsfeld stay on.

Does anyone else feel the bile rising?!

Friday, April 22, 2005

off to a show

i am off with nedhead to check out 3 bands tonight:

astaire, the natural history and IVY.

Click on each respective band to check out a few tracks and let me know what you think and i'll let you know how the show was. (as will nedhead i'm sure)



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who do you choose?

*pun borrowed from the daily show

Bushism of the Week

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"I'm going to spend a lot of time on Social Security. I enjoy it. I enjoy taking on the issue. I guess, it's the Mother in me." —George W. Bush, Washington D.C., April 14, 2005


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I've made another blogger buddy, SheaNC, and I really want to encourage you to check out his blog at
There's an unbelievable amount of cool links, and equally cool posts.

SheaNC recently did a politically satirical post over at Pourquoi Pas? (French for "Why Not?") that is an absolute gut-busting hilarious must read. I do recommend, however, that you take a second to visit to the restroom prior to reading his post, or it could get messy.



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Spain is a heartbeat away from approving legislation in support of gay-marriage. My reaction? Ambivalent at best. While I yearn for the rights and inclusion of homosexuals, and I'm therefore proud to see the intelligence and compassion demonstrated by nations like Spain and Canada in their continued backing and support of gay rights, I'm ashamed that we can't provide the same support here in America.

That's right, you won't see that kind of humanitarian support here in America where our administration continues to run counter to the founding principles of our nation which state to include the rights of all, especially the destitute. Yes, I would categorize the gay community as destitute based on the outright violation of character they suffer at the hands of mass ignorant fools, especially our administration.

And, I'm sorry but what a weak defense to try and disguise their blatant bigotry as a religious-based initiative. Bullshit! First of all, our country should not be governed based on any one religion, or ANY religion for that matter; hence we have separation of church & state. Secondly, if you want to bring religion (and in this case specifically Christianity) into the equation, these bigoted zealots are just dead wrong. "Do Unto Others As You Want Them To Do Unto You"; "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself". How utterly ignorant and hypocritical to base your opposition to gay-marriage on these philosophies.

What the fuck happened to "America, The Land of Opportunity"?!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


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Yes you can see me...Strider here (second picture down) flipping of not only 1 but 2 HUMMERS at once.

feel free to go out and take some pictures and get your finger up on FUH2.

"Because it has a gross vehicle weight rating over 8500 lbs, the US government does not require it to meet federal fuel efficiency regulations. Hummer isn't even required to publish its fuel economy (owners indicate that they get around 10 mpg for normal use). So while our brothers and sisters are off in the Middle East risking their lives to secure America's fossil fuel future, H2 drivers are pissing away our "spoils of victory" during each trip to the grocery store."


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For quite awhile now, many of you have participated in political bantering threads with Strider & me. Well, yesterday, Strider & I took our political rantings on over to and had a kick-ass time. In this particular thread, we kicked around the politics of gun-related tragedies with a varied audience including Moxiegrrrl, Strider, myself, other liberals, a wacko conservative wannabe, and our favorite pen of the day, a conservative we dubbed "Scribe". Made for some really entertaining and enlightening banter!

Although it has gained newfound exposure from it's recent highlight on CNN, I was originally introduced to Moxie's site by her husband (Kid Bastard) who I've know for many years. He's a pretty cool guy, and he occasionally posts & comments on MoxieGrrrl too. Knowing Moxie personally as well, let me tell you, she is just as kick-ass & savvy as her Moxie persona. This liberal chick knows her shit. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to find & post multiple provocative stories while simultaneously hosting and participating in the ongoing threads of each. Oh, and by the way, she also works and is mom to a super-duper adorable 4 yr old. also has some pretty cool links. But do be forewarned, Moxie, true to her name, has no problem telling it like it is and embellishing in a manner that some might find offensive (though Strider & I think you're a fucking pansy if you do!).

So, in between visits here at Sound Destruction, come join Strider & I over at, get your political rock on, & let's rant & roll!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Jon Stewart is funny (and briliant) on any show.

see him here on the oprah after show

On a personal note...

Thank you all for coming to my site. Just over a week and a half I have gotten almost 200 hits and that is just my friends coming on to check it out.

Please Please Please feel free to post comments about anything we (SAR and I) post up to let us know if we are on the right track or not.

Be mean.

Be nice.

Be critical.

Be supportive.


We just want to make it fun for you.

So help us help you.

Have a great day and pass on the word and tell all your friends about us.


"They're Already Here!"

I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan but I am a huge Spielberg fan.

go check out the trailer because

This remake just looks like it's gonna kick some ass.

Broken Bat

This picture is priceless!

Look at their reactions!!! LOL LOL LOL

My favorite is the guy in the upper left who has some food or gum in his mouth.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Coldplay is Back

Coldplay is back...check out their new single at their website here.


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I, for one, have had it with the tired interruption of the whole Audrey storyline on 24. Stay out of Jack's way, and let him be the badass that he is, biotch!

JACK: (exasperated) Yes, what is it Audrey?

AUDREY: (trying to be cute, but really just being annoying) Um, hi Jack.

JACK: Audrey, I don't have time for this.

AUDREY: But, Jack....

JACK: Listen, I'm sorry to have to tell you this over the phone, Audrey, but I'm leaving you.

AUDREY: What, Jack? Why? Have you found someone else?

JACK: Yes, Audrey, I'm afraid I have.

AUDREY: Oh, really? Well, who is it?

JACK: I'm leaving you for my dream woman, SAR, you know the pampered woman with the outrageous shoe collection.

AUDREY: I see. What makes you think you'd be better off with her?

JACK: Because she's the perfect woman for me, I'm madly in love with her, and she's not an annoying rat like you!

Monday, April 18, 2005

New White Stripes

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listen to the new white stripes song "Blue Orchid" here.

their new album is titled 'Get Behind Me Satan'.

now thats a cool title.

Imperial March

Combines two of my favorite things...Star Wars and making fun of GWB!

DA DA DADA DA DA DA DA DADA <--thats supposed to be the Imperial march

Who do you choose?

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

so kate bosworth is the new lois lane..

If you were Superman...who would you choose?

Kate Bosworth or Margot Kidder?

...or do you go with her.
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so Gus Van Sant the director who brought you some thoroughly mediocre films as 'good will hunting', drugstore cowboy' and 'finding forrester' now is trying to entice gen X by putting a movie based on the last days of a Kurt Cobain-esque rock star aptly titled...'last days'.

I guess we all know the ending.

michael pitt is playing Kurt (i mean...a guy like Kurt) and he does actually have some acting talent so lets see if he can pull this off. (see bully)

he does look like Kurt in this picture...but remember the movie is NOT about Kurt.

you can see the trailer here. (yes it is a french all you 'real' americans better not go to it)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

bush iPod

Image Hosted by

What Bush secretly loves...but could never admit it.

"I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!"

i found a link with one of my favorite SNL skits.

"I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records."


Nine Black Alps

Do you hear the influence of Nirvana 10+ years later or is it just me?

listen to 'not everyone' and 'shot down' here.

let me know what you think.

Sick of Britney?

For all the blonds out there...

...i have something to sell you.


Is Bush into satan? For a god fearing fellow he shure throws the goa around quite a bit.

Friday, April 15, 2005

80's or 90's?

Cast your vote today!

Note of interest, the '80s logo is BLUE while the '90s is RED.

Sar says, stay true & rock the blue!

please leave your vote in the comments here.

Don't forget tax day my fellow middle class americans.

Why I Love David Duchovny

It is the intoxicating combination of his sultry good looks, sensual voice, and his amazingly brilliant mind that make David Duchovny one helluva sexy guy in my mind.

I was first drawn to David in his portrayal of Fox Mulder on the X-Files. As an FBI agent of the most unusual kind, Mulder shunned traditional office space in lieu of a crummy spot in the basement. From within the bowels of the FBI Headquarters, he spearheaded his search for the paranormal (and his presumed alien-abducted sister) while shirking all governmental athority. What a cool guy! As the seasons progressed, so did the sexual tension between Mulder and his partner, Dana Scully (aptly portrayed by the equally sultry Gillian Anderson). It became quite palpable, and I found myself seeing Mulder through Scully's eyes and feeling the muted sexuality that he silently screamed. I've never quite been able to completely separate David from Mulder in my mind. Palpable indeed.

So while the case for David's physical and avantgarde sexuality is easily made, so is the case for his brililance. David is a well schooled dude. He attended a Collegiate Prep School in New York and went on to recieve a bachelors degree from Princeton and a masters degree from Yale (and, no, he didn't have a certain connected daddy pushing him through). David walked away from the Ph. D. in English Literature he was close to earning at Yale, to pursue acting. He's since become an incredibly accomplished actor, director, and writer.

So, whether his new film, "House of D" is criticaly acclaimed or not, I am anxious for yet another chance to feast my eyes and ears upon this sultry, briliant, and overall sexy guy.
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