Sound Destruction: WAL-MART DANCE PARTY

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I was having a problem with blogger yesterday. sorry about no post.

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I found this great link of a wal-mart dance party at toilet paper: the blog.

looks like a lot of fun and a non-violent way of protesting wal mart.

just head into any wal-mart with a bunch of friends...crank up some tunes in the electronic till they shut you down!

go here and check out all three dance party's that took place on nov 26. black friday.


Blogger Sar said...

Yeah Blogger was universally down yesterday for the longest time! I can just image the loudspeaker at WalMart "clean up in electronics".

10:02 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Then again, a party like that might sell a lot of copies of Hooked on Black Flag.

11:14 AM  
Blogger tlm said...

sar- Ah!! Those evil scoundrels at Blogger!

They're a subsidiary of the evil empire of Google (a company composed of copyright infringers, privacy thieves, etc.)

Shall we boycott them as well? :)

4:21 PM  
Blogger strider said...


6:53 PM  
Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

LOL. Love this idea! Except that I've boycotted WalMart for life. So I can't party there.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I’d so totally do the Wal-Mart dance thing if I ever dared walk into a Wal-Mart but I shan’t so I won’t.

8:02 PM  
Blogger James said...

I've NEVER understood the "aversion" to Wal-Mart... why some people act as if they would literally MELT if they walked into one.

What EXACTLY would dancing in a Wal-Mart accomplish other than make you look like a moron.

Wal-Mart has done what every successful business in this country has done... succeed by profit. They operate at a VERY slim profit margin and make their money by one thing, and one thing alone... volume.

Go ahead and rant and rave about their "scant" pay... then wake up and realize that it is a RETAIL store, there are very FEW retailers out there that pay well for anything other than management.

If you're working a retail job, in lower level working ranks, DON'T expect to be bringing home the fat checks... it's just not gonna happen. Wake up, it's NOT JUST Wal-Mart, it's RETAIL... you just need a scapegoat.

10:56 AM  
Blogger strider said...

not a little homework and look at costco. they are one of the largest big box retailers in the country and pay some of the best wages to their employees.

read this article and tell me that it is "just retail."

I worked retail long enough to understand that the better paid the employee...the better the company does.

yes it can work by screwing your employees...but that doesn't make it good business. it makes you an ass.

I know you will say I am looking at the acceptation...but I say I am looking at what the model should be.

if you want things to get better you have to strive for them to get better...not become complacent.

11:06 PM  
Blogger strider said...

from the article:

Sinegal says he's also built a loyal work force. In fact, Costco has the lowest employee turnover rate in retailing. Its turnover is five times lower than its chief rival, Wal-Mart. And Costco pays higher than average wages — $17 an hour — 40 percent more than Sam's Club, the warehouse chain owned by Wal-Mart. And it offers better-than-average benefits, including health care coverage to more than 90 percent of its work force.

Costco doesn't have a P.R. department and it doesn't spend a dime on advertising. There's a real business advantage to treating employees well, Sinegal said. "Imagine that you have 120,000 loyal ambassadors out there who are constantly saying good things about Costco. It has to be a significant advantage for you," he explained.

In an era when many CEOs are seen as greedy and sometimes corrupt, Sinegal is proving that good guys can finish first — and without all the corporate frills. Sinegal even sends out his own faxes from his bare-bones office-without-walls at company headquarters near Seattle. But the most remarkable thing about Sinegal is his salary — $350,000 a year, a fraction of the millions most large corporate CEOs make.

"I figured that if I was making something like 12 times more than the typical person working on the floor, that that was a fair salary," he said.

"Of the 2,000 companies in our database, he has the single shortest CEO employment contract. And the only one, which specifically says, he can be — believe it or not — 'terminated for cause.' If he doesn't do his job, he is out the door," Minow said.

Sinegal admits that "paying high wages [to his employees] is contrary to conventional wisdom."

And conventional wisdom in this case comes from Wall Street. Analysts seem to be the only critics of Costco and Sinegal. They think the company could make even more money if it paid its workers less — like Wal-Mart does.

Sinegal is unfazed by his critics. "Wall Street is in the business of making money between now and next Tuesday," he said. "We're in the business of building an organization, an institution that we hope will be here 50 years from now. And paying good wages and keeping your people working with you is very good business."

11:11 PM  

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