Sound Destruction: NO WORK MONDAY

Monday, December 19, 2005


here is another fun game to kill time at work today.

it's called the retail alphabet game.

on top of it being addictive there are 4 different versions to ruin your work day.

let me know how many you get out of the 26.

on my first try on the 2nd edition I only got 11 of the 26.

I feel like I didn't pay enough attention to the thousands of advertisements hurled at me daily.

...then again... maybe that's a good thing.


Blogger Maine said...

Version 4 - 11
Version 3 - 13
Version 2 - 13
Version 1 - 6

9:30 AM  
Blogger tlm said...

I got 19 of the version 4... Will need to check the other ones out later. Cool link!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Oh I hope when I grow up I get to work as hard on Mondays as you do. ;)

12:11 AM  
Blogger strider said...

always's only work if you don't like what you are doing.

12:41 AM  

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